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In 1942, Japan entered the Second World War by attacking Pearl Harbour. In 1945, US forces dropped two atomic bombs on Japan, and eventually encouraged the Japanese Emperor to surrender, ending the combat phase of the Second World War. Allied Forces, including New Zealanders, Australians, Canadians, and Indians, entered Japan as an occupying force, to restore the peace, clean debris from the atomic blast, help rebuild and direct Japan into a democratic society. Initially called BCOF (British Commonwealth Occupation Force), they became known as J Force. Some of the New Zealand troops were sent to Japan direct from Italy, and many went from New Zealand. The last New Zealand J Force troops returned home in 1948. Some would return to the area in 1950 on R&R during the Korean War.

This site contains personal accounts of J Force veterans, snapshots from their albums, advice on assistance, and contact details for local organisations.

All NZ J Force veterans and their families are entitled to help from the friendly folk at the Veterans' Affairs dept (phone 0800 4 83 83 72).
For information on obtaining military records and medals, see the Veterans' Advice page.
To locate fellow J Force members, see the Activities page.
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ALL veterans of Japan and Korea are welcome to contribute articles to this collection.
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