New Zealand

Harbour defences

(Table showing amount required for)

Laid on the Table by the Hon. Mr Ballance, with the Leave of the House.

Table showing amounts required to be appropriated during the present Financial Year.

Amount required of Table I.156,50000
Amount required of Table II.72,81500
Amount required of Torpedo Defences, Table III.22,16000
Torpedo stores from Admiralty8,52500
Deduct amount which will not be paid before 31st March to Sir W. Armstrong and Co.47,00000
Deduct to Whitehead torpedoes counter-ordered18,00000
Amount required to 31st March, 1886£200,00000


Liabilities to 31st March, 1886

Actual liabilities for works commenced44,91000
Actual liabilities for lands to be purchased6,80000
Actual liabilities for guns, &c.166,50000
Actual liabilities for stores from Admiralty8,52500
Deduct amounts liable but not payable - For Armstrong's contract, £47,000; torpedoes, £13,000 - until after March 188660,00000

Table I. Land Defence - Estimate of total expenditure for guns and materiel from 31st March 1885.
(Major Boddam's Return, 24th June, 1885.)

110Guns, 8in.,12½ tons, BL on HP carriages, with 50 rounds per gun, delivered in London18,04518,04512,03012,02760,147
218", 6in., 5½ tons, "13,60010,2006,80013,60044,200
320", machine, with carriages and pivots, and 200 rounds per gun3,3203,0003,0002,40011,720
412Range-finders for batteries75755094294
5100 rounds per gunAmmunition, practice for 7in. and 64-pounder9709706459623547
5A50 rounds per gunAmmunition extra for BL guns3,2002,8701,9102,545/15/910,525/15/9
669-pounder field-guns, complete3301703301701,000
72,000Martini-Henry rifles, with 1,000,000 rounds2,3002,3001,8402,743/6/89,183/6/8
8..Miscellaneous valise equipment (2,000)2502502003001,000
9..Freight a on items 1, 2, and 5A2,2002,1001,4001,7007,400
Freight b on item 3180150150120600
Freight c on item 5260260170250940
Freight d on item 865356535200
Freight e on item 745453060180


1020Whitehead torpedoes and freight13,100


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Table II. Land Defence - Estimate of total expenditure for cost of works from 31st March, 1885
(Major Boddam's Reports, L.B., pp. 105 and 123.)

Item.Description. Auckland. Wellington. Canterbury. Otago. Totals.
1Works in progress and to be completed in connection with 7in and 64-pounder guns13,16017,0315,1699,55044,910
2Works contemplated: Emplacements and magazines for 8in guns7,8007,8005,2005,20026,000
  "   Emplacements and magazines for 6in guns8,0006,0004,0008,00026,000
  "   Barracks and buildings1,7001,3001,3001,7006,000
  "   Enclosing works1,7501,5001,0004,7509,000
3Lands purchased for works2,0002,3007001,8006,800


 Deduct for Armed Constabulary labour for two and a half years........41,000
 Total cost of land defence........77,710

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Table III. Submarine Defence - Estimate of total expenditure for cost of works from 31st March, 1885
(Report of Major Boddam and Captain Douglas, 18th June, 1885)

Item.Description. Auckland. Wellington. Canterbury. Otago. Totals.
1Torpedo defence - a Cable and gear3,6551,8275702,1108,162
" -b Instruments and observing stations2004004004001,400
" - c Electrical apparatus7706853704802,305
" - d Boats, launches, &c.1,3101,3101101102,840
" - e Stores and connecting ground6002003503501,500
" - f Brennan engines and firing stations..5,0005,000..10,000
" - g Electric light6401,10011,000..2,840
" - h Contingencies5255287003001,953
2Additional boats, &c...2,0002,000..4,000


Estimate of Expendiiture on Submarine Defences not required during this Financial Year.

Item.Description. Auckland. Wellington. Canterbury. Otago. Totals.
1Cable and electrical gear1,3101,3101101102,840
 Brennan torpedoes..5,0005,000..10,000

 Total amount not required this year1,3106,3105,11011012,840

 Total estimate for submarine defence7,70018,05010,6003,75035,000

 Balance required to be provided for this year........22,160

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