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Life Aboard von Luckner's Vessel

Carl Singer

MOA was captured at 8am on Sunday morning 16 Dec 17, just outside MERCURY BAY. The crew, five men and a boy, were ordered into the forepeak together with their belongings, and told to "make the best of it". Von Egidy wanted them thrown overboard, but was overruled by von Luckner.

MOA then steered ESE to clear CUVIER light, each member of MOA's crew having to stand a watch at the wheel in turn. After getting well clear of CUVIER the Germans ordered the crew to clear away half the timber cargo, a job which took four hours.

The same night saw the loss of the launch during a patch of bad weather. The man on watch could not understand how a big "home boat" bound for AUCKLAND missed seeing the long trail of timber when she passed nearby.

About 8.30am on Friday 21 Dec MOA arrived at CURTIS ROCK. The Germans made two trips ashore between 9am and 10.30am for the purpose of looting the shipwrecked mariners' stores, of which they took all clothing and provisions.

MOA sighted IRIS at 11am Friday and immediately steered due east.


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