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163 Battery Crest

crest 163 Battery's plaque consists of a Phoenix over a flaming grenade - the symbolism of the flaming grenade being common to all gunners, but the significance of the Phoenix unique to 163 Battery.

Originally raised in 1950 as part of 16 Field Regiment, 163 Battery was disbanded in 1954 after the Korean War ended. But like a Phoenix rising anew from the flames, 163 Battery reformed in 1958. Despite a second return to the ashes in 1963, the Phoenix rose anew thirty years later with 163 again reforming in December 1993.

Proud of its history, the dark blue surround retains 163 Battery's colour of old; its motto "Takatu" reports "ready" (fire discipline or common usage being equally applicable). And for those knowing where to look (click here for a clue), its historic nickname hides within the phoenix ...

Major GS Rooks
October 1995

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  The Phoenix has webbed feet.
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